leaderful musings …

"May my mind come alive today to the invisible geography that invites me to new frontiers …" ~ John O'Donohue

About me

My name is Anne Marie Madziak and I am a lifelong, perpetual learner.  I hope to die before I ever stop learning …

I am a library development consultant, trainer and facilitator for Southern Ontario Library Service.  I am also the coordinator of the APLL Institute, a leadership development program aimed at public library staff with leadership aspirations.

My work affords me the privilege of contributing and bearing witness to the learning paths of others.  It also demands of me that I never stop learning – about libraries, leadership, technology, change, and learning about life.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sustaining a learning ecology, creating and feeding an environment where learning is intrinsic to whatever it is unfolding in front of me, that the life I am living in the moment is woven into the work of becoming the fullness of who I am.


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  kfranklinme wrote @

Anne Marie, I like you already! I too love to find myself in the water with my noodle! I love the buoyancy of water, and I find that as soon as I put my head under, my mind is cooled and refreshed. Looking forward to working with you over the course of APLL2014.

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