leaderful musings …

"May my mind come alive today to the invisible geography that invites me to new frontiers …" ~ John O'Donohue

What is it about the beach?

You may have noticed by the look of my blog, that I like water.  It’s actually more emphatic than that … I love being near water.  I can honestly say that no where do I feel more alive, more myself, more deeply connected to life itself.  I’ve pondered it often and come to the conclusion that, for me, being at the shore is an experience of slowing down and finding a more natural rhythm than my too busy of a life generally allows.  The ebb and flow of the water works on so many senses at once – I hear it, I see it, I feel it – that on a deep physiological level, I slow down in a way that simply isn’t possible in the city.  And the turmoil of city life and a never ending to-do list seem far away and less important.  For many reasons, I can’t or don’t live at the water, but my partner and I make a choice to visit frequently because we experience it as a gift that qualitatively alters how we approach whatever life is about at any given time.

This week, for example, I’m scrambling madly to finish a magnitude of ‘things’ before I go on vacation.  The water and the slow breathing of earth itself seem far away … and yet, since water will be central to my vacation, I can forge ahead knowing I will have that opportunity to rest, to slow down, to feel the slowness in my body, mind and spirit.


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